Advent Alphabet (T)

Widen the space of your TENT,
stretch out your hangings freely,
lengthen your ropes, make your pegs firm…

I have always loved this text. The hope and possibility in the image of strengthening and expanding a tent have sustained me in some times of wilderness. In Isaiah Ch 54 these verses are preceded by a lament for Israel as a barren woman. Her fortunes are about to turn, she is going to need more space, she will be blessed with children.

Isaiah now takes up the familiar refrain of Israel’s experience of exile, shame and abandonment and promises a future more blessed than could ever have been imagined. It’s God’s everlasting love and faithfulness (hesed) that makes this possible.

When we hear this text in Advent we too are invited to widen the tent of our lives and to make space for God’s blessing. All of this is made possible through the wideness of God’s love, made flesh in Jesus.

As we come to last few days of Advent, how is God calling you to make space for his blessing?

(Isaiah 54:1-10, Thursday, Week Three)