We are the Olivetan Benedictine nuns of Schotenhof. We live at Turvey Abbey, Bedfordshire, England. The purpose of our life is to seek God in every situation. Benedictine life is community orientated. We seek God first of all in our community prayer, and in our personal prayer. Also, we are called to carry on that seeking of God in every aspect of our day, each activity and each relationship offers us the opportunity to encounter and welcome the presence of God in our midst. We try to live the values of the Gospel within the monastery, in love and service, and always open to the needs of the contemporary world.

 I am Sr Judith. I am from the west coast of Scotland and have been in the community for 16 years. I was attracted to Benedictine life by its emphasis on community and by the beauty and simplicity of the liturgy at Turvey and its commitment to ecumenism. Amongst other things I’m involved in our retreat work and spiritual direction, and working with our oblates. I find all of this challenging and enriching. I enjoy cycling, reading, listening to podcasts, and a variety of creative and craft activities.

I am Sr Miriam. I was born in Denmark, brought up in the North East of England and entered the community in 1994. Over the years I have been involved in various forms of work. At the moment I have overall management of the kitchen, I work with our Oblates, lead workshops for Primary teachers on Spiritual Development and Young Children and am Novice Mistress.


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