God is dwelling in my heart

I was very much inspired this morning by a blog post from Sr Silvana. She writes about her memories of her First Communion: http://allthislifeandheaventoo.blogspot.com/2020/06/seeped-into-every-sense.html We are fairly close in age and what she describes is very similar to my own experience. Her post has sparked all kinds of memories for me. You’ll see that I […]

What will this child turn out to be?

What will this child turn out to be? I have always loved this line from Luke’s account of the Birth of John the Baptist. The reader knows just who he will turn out to be. And yet, I am always caught up in a feeling of expectancy and possibilities. An earlier line in the account […]

First, last and central

Over these past few months many of us have had to adjust to some very challenging routines. We’ve lost the markers and structures that subtly orient us. If attending a church service on a Sunday was something that had become a habit, then that loss is perhaps felt on more levels than you might have […]