Stay Awake

Advent Sunday 1 Year B Isaiah 63:16-17,64:1,3-81 Corinthians 1:3-9Mark 13:33-37 ‘O that you would tear the heavens open and come down’ Is 63 Our Advent journey begins on a rousing note with a request so direct and graphic that it can almost shock us. This is no polite request to a God who operates somewhere […]

Our King is calling…

I’ve come to a rather slow realisation of the importance of the concept of Kingship in my own faith and the life of the Church. Some Old Testament study at school began to broaden my horizons. For the first time at A level I was being introduced to the role that archaeology plays in understanding […]

The Handiwork of God’s Grace

‘We are gathered together to celebrate the dedication of a house of prayer. This is our house of prayer, but we too are a house of God. If we are a house of God, its construction goes on in time so that it may be dedicated at the end of time. The house, in its […]