Advent Alphabet (D)


‘Joseph, son of DAVID, do not be afraid to take Mary home as your wife…’

As the biblical story of salvation unfolds we see Israel watching and waiting in times of darkness, faith-filled and courageous as the way head becomes clear, and jubilant as God’s promise unfolds. Each part of the journey has depended on Israel saying ‘yes’ and trusting in God’s promise. They have stumbled and almost fallen many times. The choosing of David, from the insignificant town of Bethlehem, marks a turning point in the story. David is the youngest and is called from the fields to be anointed king by Samuel.

To David will be given the promise of a dynasty that will stand firm and a throne that will be secure forever. The covenant, which up until this point was conditional, now becomes unconditional. The history of promise converges now in David. It is from David’s line that a Messiah will be born. Lineage matters a great deal in the story of our salvation.

That promise to David now takes shape through the faith of Joseph, son of David. His faithful living of Torah and his courage in trusting the angel’s word are essential to God’s plan. Right before his eyes God’s dynasty will be secure in the form of a tiny child. God has used every step of Joseph’s journey to bring his promise to completion.

Can you trace the path of God’s promise in your own life?

Where can you see God’s promise in your own faith journey?

(Matthew 1:18-24, Dec 18th)