St Matthew

Matthew 9:9-13

The Nuns of Twitter have been sharing their experiences of their vocation journeys. While there are some differences between our experiences, we all share that mixture of courage, trepidation and love that was needed for us each to make that initial contact and then formally ask to enter a congregation or monastery.

As Jesus was walking on, he saw a man named Matthew sitting by the customs house, and he said to him, ‘Follow me.’ And he got up and followed him.

Matthew’s call looks very straight forward by comparison! There’s no hint of agonising or wondering if he will be accepted, warts and all. Indeed, it’s Jesus who takes the initiative. Reading between the lines, as we so often have to with Gospel stories, we can perhaps imagine that Matthew has been searching for a long time. Perhaps his work life as a tax collector for the Romans uses a particular skill set and has given him an identity, albeit an identity which would make him excluded from some circles. I imagine an inner restlessness that he doesn’t necessarily share with anyone. On that day, on that seat by the customs house, at that time, something shifts. Matthew is drawn into the dynamic of discipleship. He will spend his whole life responding to Jesus’ initiative.

Perhaps you can pinpoint a moment your own life when you made a choice that shaped the course of your whole life? Often that initial ‘yes’ begins a process of consciously saying ‘yes’ many times over.

How is Christ calling you to follow him more closely during this week?