Facebook, Flashmobs and the Body of Christ

People are often surprised that some of the nuns of Turvey Abbey are Facebook users. Social Networking sites are easily criticised for the influence they have, particularly on the young. Many see the use of such sites as opportunities for time-wasting, cyber-bullying and serious crime. The dangers are real and shouldn’t be dismissed too lightly. However, as a monastic, my experience of using Facebook has only been positive. There is something more engaging about sharing a picture and a few words of text or a video, than a straight forward email. I enjoy the mixture of profound, humorous and often challenging material that appears on my news feed. I don’t feel the need to update my status everyday, but I enjoy contact with those who are frequent ‘posters’. Over the years I have re-connected with primary and secondary school friends and have made new friends. It’s in this web of connection that I sense something of the Body of Christ. I am richer for these connections.

There is something too of the Body of Christ in the phenomenon of the Flashmob. It is to the faces of the onlookers that my attention is usually drawn. As they hold up their mobile phones to capture the moment, their faces show, joy, delight, wonder and often tears. There is something about the sponataneous singing and dancing that draws the onlookers in. There is a connection made between performer and onlooker and in this connection I sense the Body of Christ. That station concourse or marketplace will never be the same again. Both the performers and onlookers have sensed the sacred.

Do you have a favourite Flashmob?