Feast of the Presentation

There is something wonderful when liturgy and environment join together, making both stand out as something special, unique and deeply meaning ‘full.’  Every day the sun rises and every year we have the feast of the Presentation.  The sun rises with all its resurrection resonance, the feast of the Presentation is celebrated with its resonance of end things, hopes fulfilled. 

When my inner space is longing for those same resonances, with the chance, with just the chance, that long born sorrow and frustration, the product of my own and of all human frailty and sinfulness, may come to some sort of resurrection, then God can slip in, or maybe reveal that God’s work in me has already begun, in silence and secret, in my heart and will, yes, and in my flesh.

This morning at Lauds the sun rose with full colour luminosity as we sang the Benedictus, blessed be the Lord the God of Israel, he has visited his people and redeemed them.

Sr Zoe

Image © Turvey Abbey