A Monk’s Alphabet

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Jeremy Driscoll’s book, A Monk’s Alphabet, is a simple and engaging read. As we follow his path through the alphabet, we are offered theological reflection and a little quirky insight into the monastic mindset. He writes with an honesty that draws the reader in. I was so drawn in on first reading that I was inspired to start my own text. The framework of the alphabet helps to focus my thoughts. There is something contained and manageable about 26 entries. Although this project could take several years, from my present perspective it looks possible.

Illuminated AAttitude has become part of our modern vocabulary- to say that someone ‘has attitude’ implies a range of things from self-assured to arrogant. I have probably behaved in all of the ways which the word implies. A question keeps surfacing for me: Is there a monastic attitude? I am beginning to realise that there is an attitude which is authentically monastic. It is a disposition that involves assuming the good and believing that with God all things are possible. Monastic life is for the long haul and much can hang on my attitude. Allowing God to be the shaper of my attitude is both the challenge and blessing of my path.