St George

Romans 5:1-5
John 15:18-21

These sufferings bring patience, as we know, and patience brings perseverance, and perseverance brings hope, and this hope is not deceptive, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit which has been given us.

We are now in our fourth week of celebrating Easter and St George enters our liturgical landscape as one who embodies the dynamic of the Paschal mystery. His ability to empty himself and to offer his life in the cause of love and truth mirrors Christ’s own self-emptying. Legend gives St George a particular place in our collective psyche.

Whatever we might think about the way in which St George has been co-opted into harmful right wing ideologies, his memory remains of one who was ready to have God’s love poured into his heart. This was the source of his chivalry and bravery.

When are you most aware that God’s love has been poured into your heart?