Easter Tuesday

John 20:11-18

‘Woman, why are you weeping?’

‘Oh, it’s okay, don’t cry.’ It’s surprising how often as I primary teacher I was urging children not to cry. It seems to be one of the first things you say to a child to reassure them when something upsetting has happened. First you try to get them to stop crying and then you ask what is the matter.

In the space of just a few verses of scripture Mary Magdalene has been asked twice why she is weeping. I like to imagine that both the angels and Jesus are using a gentle tone here and not a harsh one. Both times Mary is given the space to answer. From our vantage point the reason for her crying is so legitimate and so understandable. Then comes the moment of recognition as Jesus speaks her name. Did those tears dry instantly as she heard her name? Did she take a breath and feel her heart expand a little?

During the pandemic we were faced more obviously with the process of grief and the place that tears play in that. We read the stories of NHS workers who ended their shifts in tears. These have been tears of grief, frustration and of love. These tears are not a sign of weakness but of love.

How can you show your love for others today?