Following your Heart

Last week I attended a conference run by the National Office for Vocation. You might expect it to be vocations rather than vocation and therein lies the clue to the content of the day. The speakers highlighted the need for developing a ‘culture of vocation.’

Each one of us is called to respond to our baptismal promises. How consciously we do this is in some part down to how open we are to God’s invitation. God invites us to consecrated life,  priesthood, single life, the permanent diaconate and married life. Each path is equal in God’s sight.

I met two people at the conference who were significant in my own journey of discernment. One was aware of the part she played, the other wasn’t. On the train journey home I thought about how I came to the decision to try monastic life. I realised that I followed my heart and only later allowed my head to shape my decision.

How do you make decisions?