Advent Alphabet (Y)


This Scripture verse always takes me back to my early 20s and memories of the combinations of things that I just took in my stride. Suddenly falling exhausted was quite a rarity. It’s an entirely different matter now.

The context for Isaiah’s words is the promised return from Exile in Babylon, a theme we have visited several times this Advent. The exiles feel themselves abandoned, alone and utterly exhausted. What is being offered is a vision of a world re-ordered with God’s energy and power. God is neither tired nor exhausted. Young men may fall exhausted but God never will. A new world of hope and possibility awaits the exiles.

Perhaps by this time in Advent you have reached the point of exhaustion.
Perhaps you are wondering if your strength will last.

How do you hear Isaiah’s promise?
What might it mean for you today?

(Isaiah 40:25-31, Wednesday, Week Two)