Advent Alphabet (V)


Let every VALLEY be filled in, every mountain and hill be laid low…

In Chapter 40 Isaiah announces with great urgency Judah’s triumphal return from exile in Babylon. What was once a valley will now be filled in. There will be no need to scale a mountain either. Nothing is to bar the way of Judah’s joyful return to Jerusalem. On a newly built highway Judah will run like a runner in a race.

Judah has known the peaks and troughs in her relationship with God. She has been to the mountain top and seen God’s glory. She has sat despondent in the valley and doubted God’s presence. She has been brought so low that now it’s God’s initiative alone that will save her.

As we come near to the end of Advent can you look back and see your own valleys?
How has God filled in the valleys for you?

(Isaiah 40:1-11, Tuesday, Week Two)