Wellsprings of hope: The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

The week of prayer for Christian Unity (18-25 January) is very close to the heart of  our community as we were founded in part to work for ecumenism. It  reminds us that we are called to be one in Christ, and to think again about how we can reach out to other Christians in a spirit of reconciliation, love and acceptance. In 1982 Brother Roger, the founder of the Taize community, wrote:

“It is possible to welcome within ourselves the attentiveness to the Word of God, so deeply loved by the ecclesial families born of the Reformation, together with the treasures of spirituality of the Orthodox Church, and all the charisma of communion of the Catholic Church.” (“And Your Deserts Shall Flower”, 1982)

It strikes me that each of these gifts are essential for every Christian, regardless of denomination. As you approach the week of prayer for Christian Unity what will help you to discover the gifts that each of these “ecclesial families” offer to the universal Church?

What will help you to grow in attentiveness to the Word of God in your life?

What will enable you to discover the treasure of a spirituality based on the presence of the risen Christ in every aspect of life?

What will encourage you to seek communion with God and with other people?

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