O Oriens

December 21st

Song of Songs 2:8-14
Luke 1:39-45

O Radiant Dawn,
splendour of eternal light,
sun of justice;
come, shine on those
who dwell in darkness
and the shadow of death.

O Oriens

First light and then first lines along the east
To touch and brush a sheen of light on water
As though behind the sky itself they traced
The shift and shimmer of another river
Flowing unbidden from its hidden source;
The Day-Spring, the eternal Prima Vera.
Blake saw it too. Dante and Beatrice
Are bathing in it now, away upstream…
So every trace of light begins a grace
In me, a beckoning. The smallest gleam
Is somehow a beginning and a calling;
“Sleeper awake, the darkness was a dream
For you will see the Dayspring at your waking,
Beyond your long last line the dawn is breaking”.

Malcolm Guite

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