Some history of our Community

In July 2012 All Saints Anglican parish church, Turvey, held a Diamond Jubilee Festival to celebrate the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee. As Turvey Abbey’s contribution, Sr Benedict created a series of posters taking a look at the last 60 years of our history.
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Articles written for Turvey News

Turvey village has a newsletter, published four times a year. Sr Benedict has been writing articles for it, we’d like to share them with you:


Show me the Way to go Home
(Autumn 2019)

Jurassic Park, Turvey
(Summer 2019)

A Morning of Contrasts
(Spring 2019)

Behind the Plasterboard
(Winter 2018)

Simply add Water
(Spring 2018)

Angels from the Realms of Glory
(Winter 2017)

Cornu Aspersum
(Autumn 2017)

Illuminated Manuscripts
(Summer 2017)

(Spring 2017)

Past three o’clock on a Cold Frosty Morning
(Winter 2016)

(Autumn 2016)

Trees Ancient and Modern
(Summer 2016)

Towering o’er the Wrecks of Time
(Spring 2016)

Bright Star of the Morning
(Winter 2015)

Mini Pot Plant Goes Maxi
(Autumn 2015)

Got to Pick a Currant or Two
(Summer 2015)

On the Eighty-Sixth Day of Christmas . . .
(Winter 2014)

At the Third Stroke the Time will be 3 pm, More or Less
(Autumn 2014)

Christ is Risen! Alleluia!
(Summer 2014)