Icon of the Mother of God of Tenderness
painted by Sr Esther of Turvey Abbey

At Turvey, our community’s concern for promoting the unity of Christians of the Eastern and Western Churches is reflected in our involvement in the creation and appreciation of religious icons. In recent years, many Western Christians have begun to discover the Eastern practice of using these sacred images as an aid to reflection and prayer—and have consequently learned much about the theology behind them and the liturgies in which they are traditionally used. We are pleased to be able to aid in this discovery and understanding.

One of our Sisters, Sr Esther, is an experienced iconographer who leads a number of icon-centred workshops and retreats at Turvey every year. Some are focused on the actual techniques involved in creating icons, some are focused on engaging with icons and using them in prayer, and others combine the two approaches. There are offerings for people at all levels of experience, from those who are just developing an interest in icons to those who are already iconographers themselves. Please visit our Iconography Events page to learn more about the workshops and retreats being offered at Turvey.

Sr Esther painting an icon

Sr Esther has painted icons for churches in England and abroad as well as for individuals and would be happy to discuss your needs if you are thinking of commissioning an icon. Each commission is undertaken with patience and care; costs and other arrangements are decided on a case-by-case basis.

If you are interested in icons, then you might also be interested in the British Association of Iconographers (BAI), of which Sr Esther is founder. The BAI is open to all those who are interested in the creation or devotional use of icons. Further information is available on their web site at www.bai.org.uk