What you say about us

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People often write to us telling of how they experienced our Liturgy, retreats, courses and quiet days. We include here some of the comments we have received over the past year:



“For many of us the act of sharing in the midday Mass and listening to your community singing was very special…” “I was struck … by the Benedictine Office and how, even if for the community it is just everyday life…for us taking part it becomes perfect in its respect for its tradition, its deep history, in the wisdom of St Benedict still conveyed so simply and so beautifully.”


Hospitality and Pastoral Care

“On arrival [I was] struck by the warmth of the reception. The accommodation is comfortable and the meals simple and nourishing. Everything one could possibly need ... one feels at ease and accepted wherever one is on their spiritual journey…

“The conversion of room B4 [to a bedroom with ensuite shower and toilet] is perfect for me when I am in my wheelchair…”


A carer reflected:

“By the time I arrived…I had very little left to give. [The] few days of being able to … pray, and of being so lovingly cared for by all the community…have made an enormous difference to my energy levels, both physical and spiritual. [I feel] better equipped to deal with [my circumstances]…”


A visiting Buddhist sister said:

“Thank you for your warm welcome and spiritual friendship. I feel blessed and uplifted by these days in your presence.”


A visiting Muslim lady wrote:

“I want to thank you, your community and God for the truly wonderful time spent with you.  I feel it was real companionship and real connection…”


Retreat weekends

From a lay Buddhist participant on an interreligious retreat:

“the interreligious [retreats] are a significant, positive contribution to interfaith dialogue and understanding.  Rarely, I think, will such [retreats] be found elsewhere of such quality.”


Other participants on an interreligious retreat wrote:

“Thank you very much for creating a platform on which I have been able to stand, learn, absorb and be happy…”

“I have now been on four [interreligious retreats at TurveyAbbey]…they provide a peaceful sanctuary…where people can pause, reflect and rekindle a sense of love regardless as to their faith or beliefs…each visit has helped me gradually improve my normal life and relationships…”


Feedback from participants reflects their appreciation of the tuition, the meditation with icons and their personal experience of icon painting in the prayerful environment:

“This is my third time…the course is enriched and strengthened by its location at a Benedictine Monastery.  The rhythm of prayer strengthens and enhances the icon painting ‘context’…”

“There is a good balance of tutored painting, history and prayer…Sr Esther is a highly knowledgeable tutor ….”


Retreat Days

“everyone was enthused by the different ideas you shared with us, and this enabled us to share our own ideas … the carols played in the background helped to tune our minds towards Christmas…Thank you …for enabling and encouraging us in such creative ways.”


Individually guided retreats and spiritual direction

“The time I spend at Turvey is an opportunity for me to reflect on my work and gather my resources so I can better help the people I come into contact [with] …”

“To me being a busy doctor, it was so helpful to take some time off and spend it at the Abbey.  There was …plenty of silence, a commodity that is hard to find in noisy and frenetic world.  The silence was both revealing and refreshing.  It helped me put life in perspective and to see things from a divine dimension…”


If you would like to give us your comments, you may email us: comments@turveyabbey.org.uk